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Sept/Oct 2017

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Sept/Oct 2017

Check out all our courses below

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WHO: PYT ALL AGES  6 to 16           



THIS COURSE IS NOW FULL. Please email us to go on to the waiting list

REHEARSALS: NEDLANDS 26th to 30th Sept


Take a wildly entertaining trip through Alice’s looking glass to the beat of a hip-hopping soundtrack by Bill Francoeur.  This silly adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass depicts the coming-of-age story with fun twists and music audiences of all ages will adore.  You’ll recognise some of your favourite characters of Wonderland and meet dozens of new ones along Alice’s journey.  As a pawn from the second square of the chessboard, Alice must travel to the eighth square to accomplish her goal of becoming a queen.  Each step of her passage brings her face to face with new characters and adventures as well as celebrations when she achieves each aspiration.  The lively stage action, zany dialogue, and eclectic mix of toe-tapping tunes will have you grinning like a Cheshire cat! 

THIS COURSE IS NOW FULL. Please email us to go on to the waiting list


THIS COURSE IS NOW FULL. Please email us to go on to the waiting list

WHO: PYT ALL AGES  6 to 16  




When PYT gets a phone call from New York asking us to produce the Australian Premiere of a new children's musical - of course we're going to say yes!

SYNOPSIS: Think S!NG meets OLD MCDONALD. When the wholesome Acres Farm falls on hard times, its animal residents hatch a brilliant plan to save their home: they’ll put on a show. They find the perfect impresario in Felicty, a New York City cat who has made her human Reynold a star director by whispering all “his” best ideas to him. Felicity, eager to get a little credit for once, strong-paws Reynold into taking her to the farm. 

Felicity works to help her animal cast mould their unique talents. But egos (including her own) threaten to turn their creative process to chaos. Romances flicker, as Royster the Rooster pursues a dubious Gladys the Goat and the local tomcat Colbert (the production’s author) secretly pines for Felicity.  As developers hover, ready to turn the farm into a parking lot, all must band together and find skills they never knew they had (even Reynold). Driven by an infectious Tin-Pan-Alley infused score, Barnyard Follies celebrates our differences, the importantce of teamwork, and the power of dancing--on hooves, paws, or whatever you’ve got.

THIS COURSE IS NOW FULL. Please email us to go on to the waiting list

WHO: PYT ALL AGES  6 to 16




"Mamma mia - we will rock you!" 

A compilation show featuring mega bands going head to head.

Who is going win???

If you like singing, dancing and rockin' out to some cool tunes then this is the show for you.




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Course Info

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Course Info

Scroll down for course info

Everything you need to know about our theatre schools is listed below

Where are you based?


St Dominics School, 95 Beatrice Street, Innaloo or Loreto Performing Arts Centre, Webster Street, Nedlands

Self-Contained + Secure + Close to the Freeway + Air Conditioned + Grassed Area + Undercover Area

 THEATRE SCHOOL PERFORMANCES are usually in Nedlands

What are the Theatre School times?

Doors open at 8.30am and classes start at 9.30am. 

Classes finish at 3pm and then the last hour is spent making a few props, playing drama games etc. Children can be picked up at anytime between 3pm and 4pm. Parents please use this time after 3pm for dentist appointments, birthday parties etc. etc.

How much does it cost?

Standard Prices

 1 Child 1 Course $315

 1 Child 2 Courses or 2 siblings 1 Course $565

 3 Siblings 1 Course (or 1 x 3 courses or combination) $755

2 Siblings 2 Courses (or combination) $930

5 Course Combo $1225  6 Course Combo $1510

7 Course Combo $1745  8 Course Combo $2015

*Discounts are only available when schools are booked at the same time.

For Early Bird SALE Prices please see our Box Office

How can I pay?

You can go to the Box Office and pay with credit/debit card via paypal

What do I bring?

A packed lunch, water bottle, comfortable shoes (not crocs) and loose clothing for movement and a pencil!

What are the age limits?

Performing classes are for 6 to 18 year olds sometimes with specific age group splits. 

Theatrical discipline?

Singing, dancing and acting all require an element of self-discipline. We pride ourselves on providing an authentic theatrical platform on which performers are encouraged to respect each other, themselves and their environment.

Peace of mind

Our staff are professionally trained with police clearances and working with children checks. We also have qualified child care first aiders on hand.


Our shows naturally contain solo singing and acting roles, which have to be cast on day 1 of the course. Once you sign up we will give you a password to download songs and/or scripts from our website. We encourage everyone to learn as much as possible before they arrive. Auditions (which are not compulsory) are then held for anyone wishing to perform a solo item.  Our focus is, and will always be, on the production as a whole. We endeavour to give performers as much ‘stage time’ as is possible by including them in huge production numbers and creating lots of minor speaking roles.

Learning Lines and Lyrics?!?!?!?!?!?!

We endeavour to do as much as possible to create the best performances at the end of the week. There is, however, one thing that we can't do. We can't learn your lines/lyrics. It is really important to listen to the music as much as possible before the course and to get help learning your lines once you have been cast!

Do I need to provide costumes?

In most cases all that is required is a simple base costume, which we will then accessorise. We don’t expect you to buy anything specific. Details are provided for each course.

What happens on ‘show’ day?

The cast arrive at the theatre in the morning (8.30 to 9.30am) and stay with us right up to the performance. A double packed-lunch and lots of drinks are required + chocs for the directors :-) Cast are then picked up from the ‘stage door’ after the show. Performances are usually scheduled for 6.30pm.

How do I buy tickets for the show?

You can buy tickets from us during the week. $20.00 for adults and $10.00 for children.

What happens if my child is ill or can't make it to a theatre school once I have signed up?

We are always happy to roll-over course fees for up to 6 months in such circumstances. Regrettably refunds are not available as they can incur various administrative fees.


Doors open – 8.30am
Class Times 9.30am - 3pm
Doors Close – 4.00pm
Bring –  Packed Lunch


Standard Rate – $315 per applicant

Early Bird Rate* – $280 per applicant

*Must be booked and paid for by 25th August 2017